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We are very busy here at Pappy's Pantry - always working to make our service to the community better.

We reached over 200 likes on Facebook which is pretty cool. Each like is a person and each person matter to us. So, please keep talking about us and sharing our information so that we may continue to grow and reach every corner of our community

If you have't linked us to your Kroger card, please do. It's easy and an easy way to help us.

You can select us for your Smiles Rewards with Amazon Prime. We did not know this until today, so that's totally cool (thank you Diane).

As this ministry grows, our need for space grows. We plan to build a pantry when the timing is right and would appreciate any and all donations there. It would be fantastic if someone would be willing to donate their labor or supplies or both. More on that later, but yeah, if you know someone who would help us with tree removal, grading, concrete, metal structure, electric, and plumbing, let us know. :)

We want to write a grant, but that's totally foreign to us and the more I read about the process, the more intimidating it is, so we'd love to connect with someone who has experience with grants.

Our fundraising coordinator, Diane, has some pretty nifty fundraisers coming up so be on the lookout for those.

We are working Food drives as this is being typed, so check those out too.

Our service area is Hanover, King William, and Eastern Henrico. That means that if you are in our service area or can get to our service area, please reach out to us and we'll try to help. Don't let geographical lines stop you from contacting us.

We are always in need of support. We want to reach into the community as far as we can and help as many people as we can. We want to eventually be a household name. God gave us this mission and trusts that we will handle it for pressure, huh? :) So we are always working on ways to make sure people in need can find us. We know folks are out there, we just have to get to them or them to us. So please keep sharing our story.

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