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Feeling Humble

Recently we received an email from a lovely person with the Food Network we are connected with saying that a food drive was being hosted by Hanover’s finest and Green Top...and that this food pantry was one of those that would benefit from this drive. We were super excited and extremely humbled. I mean, we are a small pantry with big hopes and to be considered for this was a hallelujah moment. 🥰

We (by we, I mean Pappy 😂) picked up the food today from Green Top and had the pleasure of meeting a few of the folks who made this community event happen.

A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to Hanover County Sheriff's Office and Green Top Hunt Fish for hosting, to each and every person who donated, to all those who organized, those who worked this drive, and to those who trust us to provide for your community. 💜

Your support is a blessing to us and allows us to be a blessing to others.

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