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Broke Ground!

On March 29, 2021, we broke ground for the building that will be the new home of Pappy’s Pantry.

We’ve had some delays and hurdles, some aggravation here and there, and a headache or two, but that’s the way it was supposed to be.

Sometimes we are faced with challenges so God can see how we handle them, how we rely on our Faith, and what areas we need more service in.

I remember packing the car, loading us up to travel to West Virginia for the week, traveling about 10 miles down the road, and having a gut feeling that we shouldn‘t go. Not just a little twinge but a full blown - don’t go kinda feeling. We turned around, went home, and had to explain to our daughter why we were home again.

That has happened to us more than once.

Many things have happened over the years to remind us that God is in control.

He knew what we’d be up against when He decided it was time to build this building. He also knew that we’d get through it and the building would be erected in His time.

Just like He has watched over us so so so many times, He’s watching over His pantry, too.

Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned in our life, but maybe they weren’t supposed that time anyway.

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